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COVID-19 Risk Assessment February 22



December COVID-19 Update Letter

COVID-19 Risk Assessment December 21 Revised

COVID-19 Risk Assessment December 21

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Woodthorpe Risk Assessment Addendum - Operating during the period of National Lockdown from 5 January 21

Covid-19 Full reopening of Primary Schools Risk Assessment Updated January 2021


Woodthorpe safeguarding addendum January 2021


Please click here to view a letter for all parents and carers from the Director of Public Health for Derbyshire dated 16th December 2020

Please click here for the link to a Government poster for Tier 3 (Very High) areas.

Please click here for the link to recent government advice on New National Restrictions from 5th November 2020.

Please click here to view a letter for all parents and carers from the Director of Public Health for Derbyshire dated 5th November 2020


Our school has undertaken rigorous risk assessments in order to open safely.  There are many systems in place: hand washing, sanitising, one way systems etc around the building.  Our groupings are organised so that 'bubbles' of children stay together at all times.  There is no mixing of pupils across bubbles in order to reduce the numbers of pupils in close contact.  We have adapted our curriculum accordingly including singing and PE.  


If you / your child / someone in your household is unwell and displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (click here for NHS guidance) then you must stay at home and the symptomatic person should go for a COVID-19 test (click here for link to testing information).  Please update School throughout the process at covid@woodthorpe.derbyshire.sch.uk.


You must keep school informed at all times of your family circumstances.  


If your / a household member's / someone you have been in close contact with tests positive then you will need to follow self-isolation guidance. Click here for isolation timings.  


For children who are isolating, we will be providing work for them using Google Classroom.  All children should have a log-in to this and a log in to other educational sites.  


We may have to close 'bubbles' at times if advised by Public Health England or the Department for Education.  We have curriculum plans in place for this and will be using Google 'meet' for some live teaching.  We will keep you informed via text of any closures.  


It is important that you ensure that we have at least two contact details so that we can get in touch with you quickly should your child be poorly in school.  


Click here for our behaviour policy addendum.  We may have to adapt usual procedures to ensure that our community are safe.  


Click here for Healthy, Warm and Well in Derbyshire Your guide to council, health, voluntary and community services in Derbyshire 2020/2021