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Summer One – Predator


It’s time to take a walk on the wild side!

This half term, we’ll invite some amazing animals into our classroom to discover how they move, what they feel like and what they eat. We’ll also program a toy to move across a grid – will it be caught by a predator? We’ll learn about the different parts of a plant and how some plants are predators! From our investigations about the human skeleton, we’ll find out how muscle make the bones move. We’ll investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food. Using the internet, we’ll research the majestic peregrine falcon and discover where crocodiles live. After our research, we’ll create an exciting aquatic animation.

In this topic we will be grouping animals and comparing their similarities and differences. We will also be designing our own zoo and writing leaflets about it. In English we will be reading nursery rhymes with animals in. We may even get to meet an animal or two!!!