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Peasants, Princes and Pestilence Weekly Homework Ideas

Either choose from the wide selection of homework ideas posted here, or generate your own homework topics relating to out theme. Try to complete one piece of research each week please.


What you may choose to do:


  • Search your local library to find out if the plague of the 14th century affected a
    village or town near you. What information can you find out?
    • Write a letter to a child of the 21st century, imagining you are a peasant child of
    the 14th century. What could you tell them about your life?
    • Design a coat of arms for your family. What symbols would you use and what
    would they represent? What would be your family motto?
    • Find out what happens when something decomposes. Place an apple core,
    orange or grape in a transparent container and watch as it decomposes.
    Document what happens.
    • Use a map of the UK to identify castles of the Middle Ages. Make a scrapbook
    or journal to research facts about one of them. Be prepared to present your
    scrapbook to others.
    • Make a model rat out of papier mâché. Paint it to make it look realistic. Take a
    picture of your rat in different places but try not to scare anyone!