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Wellington - Miss May

Welcome to Wellington. In our class we have Year 1 and 2, and we are so excited for the year ahead of us! We follow the Key Stage One Curriculum.  Each day, the children do phonics, mathematics and English, and two afternoon subjects. We really look forward to having Chesterfield Football Club teach us once a week too! We have such a fun, busy school day and put the children at the heart of our learning. 


Autumn A- Superheroes 

This half-term we are going to be studying fictional and non-fiction heroes. We can’t wait to hear who your real life heroes are! Over the course of the term we will be investigating and testing different materials as well as designing and making hero capes. We will be discussing our own real life heroes. Hopefully, we will get the chance to go to on a school trip to the emergency service museum in Sheffield.


Autumn B- Memory Box


In KS1 our topic will be a history based project called Memory Box. We aim to teach children about changes over time, family and community. This project develops children’s knowledge and appreciation of local history, special memories, customs and traditions, and growing up. In science the children will be thinking about how they grow and change and will focus on the children understanding the similarities and differences between themselves and others. Children will name the main parts of the body and investigate the five senses. In literacy the children will read texts linked to our history based topic. Two books we will focus on are called My Grandpa by Marta Atles and Major Glad and Major Dizzy by Jan Oke. These books will support the children's learning in literacy and focus on the Grandpa's life, special memories and old toys.