Woodthorpe Church of England Primary School

Learning & Growing Together To Be The Best We Can Be

School Council

We have a School Council so that everybody has a chance to have a say about what goes on in school.

We believe it is vital to consult with our children on a regular basis.  The School Council meet on a weekly basis where they have collated pupils’ suggestions for improving their school, categorising improvements in both the short and the long term.

As your School Council we aim to:

  • Do our best
  • Be honest
  • Never lie to other people
  • Make a good school by doing our best and not fussing

As part of their role, members of the School Council attend Governors’ meetings and report on current issues.  They make formal requests of the Governing Body who try and assist the Council in their endeavours on behalf of the children of Woodthorpe C of E (VC) Primary School.

  • If a child would like to be a Councillor, they will write their own manifesto or tell their class why they think they would be good at the job
  • Two children from each class from Years 1 to 6 are voted on to the Council
  • The School Council on a weekly basis
  • Lots of different things are discussed and acted upon to improve the school
  • Councillors take back the information to their class and discuss the information
  • Councillors attend Governors’ Meetings to put forward their views

Since September, the School Council have been meeting every fortnight and have worked hard to generate great ideas to make the school “even better”.  They have organised games at break times, competitions and helped with the class Christmas parties.

During the second half of the Spring Term, they will be developing play leaders to support a variety of activities to meet the needs of all pupils.

They will be asking pupils what they like to do at break times and at lunch; then arranging equipment and special areas for the range of activities.