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Our Whole-School Curriculum Intent

Overall Curriculum Intent

The children are always at the centre of what we do at Woodthorpe. Through the support of the Cornerstones Curriculum, each year group are able to build on strong pedagogical principles, with every child being encouraged to meet and achieve their potential. Along with delivering the requirements set out in the National Curriculum, we aim to discover and adapt our curriculum in order to target what our children are interested in and use this to promote a positive attitude and love of learning every day. We value every subject equally and aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, with opportunities for pupils to celebrate, share, value and learn about each other’s interests and diverse talents. Our personalised curriculum is about achievement, enjoyment and enrichment. The breadth of our curriculum content allows pupils to explore through an enquiry based curriculum where there are no limits to learning and there is a clear development of skills year upon year. All of our pupils have access to home learning through the use of our Google Classroom Platform and close links with parents and carers are developed and greatly valued.


Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is delivered through the high standard and creativity of our teaching approaches and use of a variety of resources. English is taught through the adoption of quality whole class texts and the Talk 4 Writing structure; our Mathematics is taught largely through Power Maths. The rest of the curriculum is based around the Cornerstones Curriculum, which is underpinned by a child-focused four stage pedagogy: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. Our school has also adapted the curriculum to help reflect and represent the diversity and context of our pupils and the community. Creativity and teacher expertise is woven into the curriculum with specialist teachers and outside agencies working with pupils and teachers, sharing good practice and ensuring that learners learn from the best. Each subject area has a specific subject intent, whole school policy, and an annual action plan, which outlines development opportunities and clear links to our school improvement plan.


Curriculum Impact

The impact of the curriculum is monitored through triangulation of outcomes: pupil voice, test/data outcomes, planning, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, discussions with teaching staff, pupils and parents. Pupils, parents and staff are consistently and consulted annually about the curriculum and the impact that it makes. The desired outcomes of our curriculum is to ensure that pupils are well-rounded and confident learners, who are ready to embark on the next stages of education, being equipped with the foundations of knowledge and skills to achieve success in later life. Pupils will also have an understanding of what they are good at and understand that they have developed skills to face further challenges.