Woodthorpe Church of England Primary School

Learning & Growing Together To Be The Best We Can Be

Woodthorpe Promise


Woodthorpe C of E Primary School is a very special school and we want to make
your time with us memorable, fun and special, providing you and your families
with many years and experiences to treasure.

Throughout your time at our school, we promise to provide you with the
following from joining us in Foundation up until your final days in Year 6.

 A residential experience.
 Learn how to play a musical instrument.
 A seaside experience.
 Learn how to cook and share a meal.
 Learn how to swim.
 Play in the snow.
 Visit a working farm.
 Learn bush-craft.
 Play and compete in team sporting events.
 Take a risk and challenge yourself.
 Read a book that you will treasure forever.
 Go to a disco.
 Perform on stage: Nativity, performance or play to parents.
 Watch the sunrise and sunset.
 Plant it, grow it and eat it.
 See a live performance at the theatre.
 Work with an artist.
 Communicate with someone in a different country.
 Learn how to ride a bike.
 Visit different places of worship.
 See an egg hatch.
 Be involved in a community project.
 Run an enterprise.
 Be a part of a local or global charity.
 Visit a city in the UK.
 Take part in a time travel event.
 Design and create a whole-school piece of art and create an exhibition.
 Learn basic first aid and how to save a life.
 Learn that it’s ok to make mistakes and to then learn from them.
 Learn how to manage money and your own finances.
 Partake in a water-fight with the teachers.
 Climb a mountain.
 Learn some sign language.
 Stand under a waterfall and go stream scrambling.
 Learn how to design and build various things using recycled materials.
 Learn woodwork skills.
 Go pond dipping.