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School Policies



Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies

 Allegations Against Staff, Carers And Volunteers Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Anti Bullying Policy - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Child Protection And Safeguarding Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Child Protection And Safeguarding Policy Addendum To Policy During Lockdown - Jan 21.pdfDownload
 Children Missing From Education Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Data Protection Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 DDAT Complaints Procedure Policy Woodthorpe - December 2020 - Updated April 2021.pdfDownload
 Equal Opportunities And Dignity At Work Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 External Contributors Or Speakers Guidance - May 20.pdfDownload
 Extremism And Radicalisation Policy - Nov 18.pdfDownload
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SEND Policies

 Accessibility Plan - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Pupils With Additional Health Needs Attendance Policy - Oct 19.pdfDownload
 SEND Information Report - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Policy - Oct 20.pdfDownload
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Behaviour/Anti Bullying Policies

 Anti Bullying Policy - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Peer on Peer Abuse Policy - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 School Behaviour Policy - Addendum - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 School Exclusion Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Woodthorpe Church of England Behaviour Policy - Nov 2020.pdfDownload
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Curriculum Policies

 Marking Feedback Policy Addendum - Jan 21.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Provision Policy - Jan 21.pdfDownload
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Other Policies

 Acceptable Use Agreement of Technology - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Accessibility Plan - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Admissions Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Capability of Staff - Formal Competence Procedure for Teachers - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Capability of Support Staff - Formal Competence Procedure for Teachers - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 Charging And Remissions Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 Code of Conduct Woodthorpe - Oct 20.pdfDownload
 DDAT Home Working Policy - Sep 20.pdfDownload
 DDAT Recruitment and Selection Policy - Feb 21.pdfDownload
 DDAT Stress Management Policy - Nov 20.pdfDownload
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