At Woodthorpe Church of England Primary School, we want to enable our children and provide them with the skills and knowledge to develop a healthy mind, body and relationship with themselves and the world around them.

More than ever before, children are exposed to different representations of relationships, with themselves and others, throughout social media and the social culture around them. At Woodthorpe, we want to enable our children to develop positive, meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Our progressive, spiral curriculum was created to ensure it meets the needs and wishes of all.

When children leave Woodthorpe, we expect them to have achieved and gained an understanding of all of the agreed national expectations. Key learning and objectives in Relationships Education are organised using the following headings:

  •  Families and people who care for me.
  • Caring friendships.
  • Respectful relationships.
  • Online relationships.
  • Being safe.


Children at Woodthorpe also benefit from our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum (PSHE) and our planned programme of Collective Worship.

    April 2022 - This term, our area of learning is Economic Wellbeing.

Some of the units of learning includes:

  • Money
  • Budgeting
  • Employment equality
  • Banks
  • Loans
  • Saving
  • Earning money

  If you have any concerns regarding these areas of development, or require any help discussing sensitive

issues with your child, you can contact your child's teacher. Additionally, Mrs Trundell will always be available 

                                    support you or speak to your child, should you wish her to.

 Useful policies and documents.

Relationship and Health Education Policy                                                  PowerPoint Presentation for Parents July 2021

Relationships and Health Education Policy Oct 2020

Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum Overview                                             Pupil Questionnaire April 2022

Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Overview.pdf                                         The children in KS2 all completed a questionnaire about how they feel about

DFE Guide for Parents                                                                                                 the RSHE education that they receive in school. The responses were

RSE Primary School Guide for Parents                                                                            incredibly positive with children agreeing that they enjoy the lessons.

Relationships and Sex Education Pupil Progression                                                          When asked about the positives,  some wrote; 'We learn how to look after

Relationships and Sex Education Pupil Progression                                                      ourselves in the future,' 'we learn how to grow up,' and 'we know how to deal with 

The views of the The Church of England with regard to the RSHE curriculum           things and to not worry - to be ready for it.' 

Church of England Key Principles and Charter                                                               When asked about how we could improve the lessons, some wrote; 'maybe more

                                                                                                                                                          fun activities,' 'not as much writing,' and 'do some of the activities outside.'

                                                                                                                                                          We will use this feedback to inform future lessons but we are really pleased with how 

                                                                                                                                                          much the children, across the year groups, are enjoying it.

Videos to support 'The Changing Body Unit.'

Growing up.


Birth and pregnancy - Year 6 only

Conception - Year 6 only.