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School Policies



Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies

 1.18 Children missing from education policy.pdfDownload
 1.19 domestic abuse protocol for schools .pdfDownload
 1.20 external contributors _ speakers guidance.pdfDownload
 1.21 Intimate Care Policy 21-22.pdfDownload
 1.22 Peer on peer Abuse Policy.pdfDownload
 1.23 Online Safety Policy 2021-2022.pdfDownload
 1.24 Positive Behaviour Support including physical interventions.pdfDownload
 1.25 Private fostering policy 2021-2022.pdfDownload
 1.26 DDAT Recruitment and Selection Policy.pdfDownload
 1.27 separated parents policy-2021-2022.pdfDownload
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SEND Policies

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Behaviour/Anti Bullying Policies

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Curriculum Policies

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Other Policies

 2.24 DDAT Financial Handbook.pdfDownload
 2.25 DDAT Tendering and Procurement Policy.pdfDownload
 2.23 Authorised leave of absence and flexible working policy.pdfDownload
 2.20 DDAT Stress Management Policy.pdfDownload
 2.21 Teacher Appraisal Policy.pdfDownload
 2.22 DDAT Sickness Absence Procedure.pdfDownload
 2.19 Redundancy and Restructure Policy.pdfDownload
 2.18 DDAT Freedom of Information Policy.pdfDownload
 2.16 Loaning School Equipment Policy.pdfDownload
 2.17 Conflicts of Interest Policy.pdfDownload
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