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Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies

 1.28 Extremism and radicalisation policy.pdfDownload
 1.29 DDAT Whistleblowing Policy.pdfDownload
 Anti-bullying policy Woodthorpe.pdfDownload
 Attendance and Absence Policy 21-22.pdfDownload
 Child Protection And Safeguarding Policy Addendum To Policy During Lockdown - Jan 21.pdfDownload
 Child Protection and Safeguarding policy Woodthorpe DDAT and DERBYSHIRE 2020 (09.pdfDownload
 Complaints Policy DDAT Woodthorpe 09.20 (01.pdfDownload
 Data protection policy Woodthorpe 09.20 copy.pagesDownload
 Healthy and Warm 2020.pdfDownload
 NQT Induction Policy Woodthorpe - Oct 20.pdfDownload
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SEND Policies

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Behaviour/Anti Bullying Policies

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Curriculum Policies

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Other Policies

 2.15 Bereavement Policy.pdfDownload
 2.14 Pay Policy .pdfDownload
 2.12 Capability of Staff - Competence procedure for support staff.pdfDownload
 2.13 DDAT Whistleblowing Policy.pdfDownload
 2.11 Formal Competence Procedure for Teachers .pdfDownload
 2.07 Equality Information and Objectives Policy.pdfDownload
 2.10 DDAT Complaints Procedure Policy.pdfDownload
 2.05 Grievance Procedure .pdfDownload
 2.06 Governors' Allowances Policy .pdfDownload
 4.08 Lettings Policy.pdfDownload
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